Schedules & Notebooks


Appointment calendar 2017

Appointment book LESSA for 2017 in A4 format (limited edition). IOR 100 g, 1 color print, special blue printed cover (technique perfected by LESSA), glossy plastic and silver thermosealing, stitched and broached finish.

Appointment calendar 2016

Appointment book with core on IOR paper 90g printed at 1/1 colour. Finish sewn with unhidden spine, and cover without printing, with high relief, cushioned and plastified with velvet anti-scratch plastic.

2015 Calendar

2015 appointment book, A5 format, with heat-sealed cardboard cover and stitched binding.

Appointment Calendar for Continental Tires

Appointment book, in 2/2 colours printing, with intercalation of plans printed in 5/2 colors, hard cover with matt plastic and reserved UV varnish.

Calendar 2014/15

Teacher’s Appointment Book. A6 format, printed on IOR 100 paper, double sided PP cover and polypropylene (polypropylene).

Calendar Cartonagem Trindade 2012

A4 appointment book, stitched, with hard cover lined with fur imitation synthetic material.

Eco-calendar 2013

Appointment book A6 format with double spiral.

Lessa’s appointment calendar 2012

Lessa’s 2012 appointment book, stitched, with “moleskine” type binding.