Tribute to the Workers (book)

Books in A5 format with 68 pages printed at 1/1 color and 4 pages printed at 4/1 colors, in Munken Pure 90 grs; Cover with badges printed to 4/0 colors in matte couché 350 grs, with matt plastic front. Finished

Book (Hand in hand with security) Pilot Renato Pita

Children’s Book (Hand in hand with security) Pilot Renato Pita. Book with 20 pages, printed in 4/4 colors on Couché 170 grams paper, with hardcover and plasticized with matt plastic. Finishing: Sewing and broaching.

Archi Summit 2017 Review

A5 booklets with 80 pages printed at 4/4 colors in IOR 90g; Cover printed in 4/4 colors with machine varnish in 200g silk couché. Stapled with 2 points of wire.

Graduation book – Medical school

Graduation book, format 15×20 cm with 96 pages printed in 4/4 colors in couché 130 grs paper. Cover printed in 2/0 colors in couché 150 grs. lined in cardboard (hardcover). Finished with kraft glued to the cover.

FEP Master’s Degree

FEP Master`s Degree with 24 pages, 4 color printed, stapled with index opening, 135 gr Maine Gloss Green Paper. Cover 4 color printed, Matt plastic plasticized

Catálogo Fegol 2016

2016 Fegol catalog with 68 pages , printed in 4 colors, sewn and softcover , 150 gr couche paper. Cover printed in 4 colors , plasticized plastic Gloss.


“Sermon on the Mount” booklets for Catechumenal Center of Oporto Diocese, digital printing on matt couché 200 g, creased and stapled.


“Projectos Solidários” book, with hard cover fabric-lined and thermoset

Welcome & procedure guide for new employees

Guide with tabs, cover with matt plastic and blue double spiral finish.

TROIA’s product catalog 2014

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